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Social Media. You’ve heard about it. You keep hearing about it. But you’re not a part of it. Or maybe you are, but your company isn’t. Why? Is it fear of the unknown? Do you simply not know where to start? That’s understandable. To keep things simple, why not start with where your customers already are?

rently has more than 500 million active users? Many of your customers are among them. In order to understand the benefits, you need to be familiar with some common FB terms.   A fan is someone who “likes” your FB page. A “wall” is simply a personalized message board on every person’s profile.

Every time you post something on FB, it will show up on all of your “fans” “walls”
It gets even better than that! If one of your fans makes a comment or pushes the “like” button on your comment, it will also show up on all of their friends “walls”.  Now an average of 130 more people have the opportunity to learn about your company. And if some of them “like” it, it goes to their friends, and so on. You get the picture.

So where do you begin?  Go to and fill in the “Sign Up” information.  This is information about you, not your company.  You will first create a personal profile and then a page for your company.  These need to be two separate things.  Facebook will walk you through the setup. (If you already have a personal profile, you can skip to the next step.) Next, go to to create a fan page for your business.  Again, Facebook will walk you through the setup.  If you are still confused or feeling overwhelmed, I’d be happy to help.

Kristen Duncan with Socially Simple email:

Phone: (480) 452-7214      web:
facebook: Socially Simple    twitter: @SociallySimple



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