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What is ICRA

Q: What is ICRA?

A: ICRA is a non-profit industry trade association created by an affiliation of regional trade associations. They are:

CRA- Cleaning and Restoration Association

MCRA- Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Association

MSPCA- Midsouth Professional Cleaners Association

NEIRC- New England Institute of Restoration & Cleaning

PACR- Professional Association of Cleaning and Restoration

SCRT- Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians

*NYRCI- New York Rug Cleaners Institute (pending final vote and Board approval)

Other associations may join in the future.


Q: What is the purpose of ICRA?

A: The affiliated associations have united to streamline their administrative organizations, share resources and help free the regional associations to provide more benefits to their Members.


Combined under ICRA, the regional trade associations can deliver far more value to the industry than any one of the associations alone. ICRA is a national trade association of significant size and strength with over 800 Member companies, comprising an estimated 2300 professionals in the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries.


Q: Will ICRA eliminate the existing trade associations?

A: No. ICRA is an affiliation of trade associations. Each association keeps its own identity, membership, finances, programs and benefits.


Q: How will ICRA be funded?

A: A portion of all Member dues (currently $50 per Member) from each association go to ICRA. In return, ICRA promotes the affiliate associations and helps reduce overall costs by consolidating and streamlining much of the administrative, marketing and educational expenses.


Q: Will ICRA compete with IICRC for educational programs and certification?

A: No. ICRA and its affiliate associations support IICRC education, certification and standards programs. (All but one of the affiliated associations are IICRC shareholders.)

ICRA will offer or sponsor IICRC-approved training programs. ICRA will also offer more advanced and specialized technical training to supplement IICRC certification.


In addition, training in non-technical subjects such as marketing, administration, financial and strategic planning for business owners will be offered in ICRA sponsored classes and workshops.


Q: What are the benefits of being an ICRA Member?

A: Members of ICRA receive benefits and services that give them a greater advantage in the cleaning and restoration industry. ICRA meetings, training programs and online services create an opportunity to network and share information that supports and enhances Member businesses. Discounts on programs and purchases more than cover the cost of membership.


Additional benefits of membership include:

Online Technical Bulletins and Technical Library

Scholarship Program- Up to $500.00 per calendar year 

Convention and Workshop Discounts 

Support for management, technical, marketing and other business needs.

ICRA Newsletter- up-to-date news, program schedules and announcements. 

Website Presence and Referrals- Consumer referral listing on the ICRA website.

Press Releases that direct consumers to ICRA members.

Lab and Testing Facilities provide discounted pricing to ICRA members.


For a complete description of ICRA Member benefits, visit ICRAssociation.org on the web.







The Hydro Lab Research and Training Center in Cicero, IN offers scholarship to SCRT members in 2012 for four IICRC certification classes.  icon Click here for Hydro Lab Scholarship Program

Attend a class or The Experience

SCRT offers its Members an opportunity to receive a scholarship toward IICRC course tuition or The Experience Convention registration.

Click here for info on the


SCRT's Mission

"The Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians is a nonprofit trade association for companies of all sizes and sectors in the inspection, cleaning, restoration, and related industries. The SCRT's mission is to be the leading worldwide resource that provides members with up-to-date technical, management, and marketing information. The SCRT will help companies be successful in ways that demonstrate respect for ethical values, industry coworkers, allied vendors, consumers, communities, and the environment."

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