From the President

President's Report - Fall Board of Directors Meeting - Las Vegas, NV

By Craig Kersemeier, SCRT President

Things are changing in the restoration industry.  Not new techniques or revolutionary equipment, but advocacy. 

For years it has been talked about the industry lacks a voice, but in the recent few years, restoration contractors are beginning to take a stand.

It started with a few social media groups but has elevated to international association levels.

These groups have begun getting funding to try to take a unified stand on issues that affect the restoration industry.

Mark Springer, RIA incoming President, summarized – “Our voice is not heard or appreciated because we do not speak with collective unity and focus”.

Initial items these committee are looking at:

  1. Pricing/scoping platforms
  2. Consultant involvement for claim resolution
  3. TPA involvement and their expanding influence
  4. Government regulations and rules (EPA Lead Paint)

I attended three different industry shows this year.  These topics made center stage and restoration contractors are getting more frustrated.

With the recent “Call to Action”, I think there will be some changes or, at least I hope, the lines of communication will be more open.

I am not suggesting we copy or duplicate what other groups or associations are doing, but we need to take notice of the changing environment and, being one of the larger industry trade associations, be willing to align ourselves or take a stand for our members whether it be restoration or cleaning.

SCRT has an opportunity to watch these things develop or find a way to be part of these industry initiatives.

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