Restoration Technical Institute (RTI) and Cocoa Beach, FL, Large Loss Mastery (LLM) is pleased to announce our new strategic collaboration in education.

December 15, 2021 Phone: 610-926-0223

Reading, PA, Restoration Technical Institute (RTI) and Cocoa Beach, FL, Large Loss Mastery (LLM) is pleased to
announce our new strategic collaboration in education.

The organizations will join forces on the development and access to both live training events and eLearning. We
are excited for the opportunity to work together, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.
The synergy exists in the sharing of values and approaches in training. The experiences, existing curriculums,
and opportunity for future curriculum development makes this collaboration an exciting opportunity for both
organizations to expand its offerings and services to the industry at large. Tom McGuire, Large Loss Mastery,
has an extensive background in commercial disaster restoration and document recovery. He has developed
successful training programs focused on the recovery of properties damaged by fires, floods, and other natural
disasters. Chuck Boutall, RTI’s Director of Education, shares a similar background and has been lead instructor
of the IICRC Commercial Drying Specialist course and was instrumental in the development of the curriculum.
RTI and LLM have over 100 years combined experience in restoration and training supporting the delivery of
practical and applicable programs.

LLM’s existing programs which include but are not limited to: Business Development, Project Management,
Estimating, and Document Recovery are a perfect complement to RTI’s diverse courses and content on topics
including but not limited to: water damage and intrusion, flooring and substrates, microbial remediation, cleaning,
building materials, construction, soft skills, and other training related to building services. RTI’s commercial
hands-on training center supports in-person training in addition to a platform that offers timely eLearning. The
efforts will launch with LLM’s Project Management Essentials and Document Recovery Courses offered in RTI’s
digital training environment as eLearning and is followed by one of LLM’s most popular courses, the live handson ELITE Super Course featuring THE EDGE PLUS at RTI’s training center in October 2022.

“I have known Tom for more than two decades and it is our privilege to be working with him and LLM, offering
excellent classes in Estimating and the Management of large commercial projects,” said Chuck Boutall, Director
of Education.

"I am very excited to be able to offer the Large Loss Mastery ELITE training program on the robust RTI training
platform. Bringing the live LLM ELITE Super Course and THE EDGE PLUS estimating system to the Greater
Philadelphia Area and the RTI training facility will be the highlight of the 2022 training schedule. It is wonderful
to have high quality people working together to expand educational platforms to better serve the ever-growing
restoration industry. I couldn't be happier, and I look forward to more collaborations with RTI as the Large Loss
Mastery Program continues to grow, " said Tom McGuire, LLM.

The opportunities to work together extends beyond training programs as both organizations are affiliated with
cloud-based tools that support restorers in their operations. Tom has developed, THE EDGE PLUS, a one of a
kind estimating tool based on 35 years of project information and statistics. Designed to accurately calculate
budget, reserve, billable, project costs in less than 30 minutes. Lisa Lavender, COO of RTI is also the VP of
Operations Design for iRestore, a cloud-based management software system designed specifically to power the
vision, values, and leadership of restoration companies.

About Restoration Technical Institute:
Since 2012, Restoration Technical Institute has been an approved IICRC school that provides world-class
training designed for those who serve the restoration, cleaning, and industries related to the built
environment. Offering three ways to learn through a digital training solution, live classes, and self-paced
eLearning we provide knowledge, passion, and inspiration for the success of individuals and companies.
We promote the application of Standards of Care, process, and best practices. We believe in inspiring
happiness, pride, and innovation in others.

About Large Loss Mastery:
The Large Loss Mastery training program was created in 2015 by Thomas McGuire, owner: The
Solutions Company, LLC, with the goal of offering restoration professionals solutions to complex
management issues. By utilizing industry "best practices" based on over 35 years of experience and
proven techniques, Large Loss Mastery provides training to all professionals seeking to close the gaps in
their business and management procedures. Focusing on the industry best practices for, estimating,
contracting, scoping, critical path management, commercial drying and complex project management,
Large Loss Mastery provides users with the information and techniques needed to answer the questions
of What if something happens? How much will it cost? and how long will it take? With the addition of
THE EDGE PLUS estimating system Large Loss Mastery offers a full line of estimating and management
solutions for industry professionals.
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