Restoration Technical Institute (RTI) and The Center for Disaster Recovery (CDR) Collaborate

April 4, 2022 Phone: 610-926-0223
Reading, PA, Restoration Technical Institute (RTI) and The Center for Disaster Recovery (CDR), Barrie, ON, collaborate to close the educational gap between the property ownership, restoration, insurance, cleaning, and all industries related to the built environment.
Both organizations have a rich history of delivering resources and training to the industry. They are both IICRC
approved schools offering both eLearning and live classes. This collaboration will allow them to enrich existing
offerings and to expand course availability for all who are involved in the restoration and operation of the built

There is great alignment between the organizations’ values, standards, and drive for excellence. Both
organizations have a passion for developing programs that focus and combine technical training with operational
success and in support of an individual’s personal growth. The collaboration will include efforts in sharing
existing curriculum and coordinating efforts in future program development.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with CDR lead by Stephanie Beattie an experienced IICRC
instructor for over two decades and an expert in an expansive and impressive array of subject matter. The only
downside of the collaboration is that our organizations’ synergy is so strong, rooted in our shared passion of
connecting technical skills, soft skills, and operational systems, we become a bit like mad scientists in sharing
ideas and planning future curriculum.” Lisa Lavender, COO, RTI.

Stephanie Beattie, CEO, The Center for Disaster Recovery said, “I am proud to work with RTI and believe that
this collaboration allows us to deliver consistent and expanded quality education to a global audience. The goal
is to engage our industry with defined alignment by working together to serve everyone from the newcomer, the
seasoned pro or those that just need a refresher. I am excited to inspire those in our industry.”

Chuck Boutall, Director of Education, RTI quotes, “This is an incredible partnership. Our goal is to unite owners
and insurers together with service providers, so we are all working towards one goal.” – “A healthy and pleasant
property for all who live and work in the built environment.”

About Restoration Technical Institute:
Since 2012, Restoration Technical Institute has been an approved IICRC school that provides world-class
training designed for those who serve the restoration, cleaning, and industries related to the built
environment. Offering three ways to learn through a digital training solution, live classes, and self-paced
eLearning we provide knowledge, passion, and inspiration for the success of individuals and companies.
We promote the application of Standards of Care, process, and best practices. We believe in inspiring
happiness, pride, and innovation in others.

1145 Commons Blvd., Reading, PA 19605 • 610-926-0223 •

About The Center for Disaster Recovery:
The Center for Disaster Recovery has delivered education excellence for contractors and insurers for
over two decades. With a mission to support operational success, career growth, and professional
development, offerings include academic and applied training paths. We strive to deliver results-based
performance in restoration leadership with expertise, confidence, and competence to those being served.
We do this with deliberate training methodology in operational effectiveness and efficiency, CDR offers a
wide variety of training and resources including the successful, The Perfect FileTM program.
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