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Restoration Technical Institute and The Language of Leadership, Launches a Leadership Academy for the Restoration, Cleaning, and Related Industries

February 14, 2024 Phone: 610-926-0223

Restoration Technical Institute and The Language of Leadership, Launches a Leadership Academy for the Restoration, Cleaning, and Related Industries

Reading, PA-based Restoration Technical Institute (RTI) and The Language of Leadership, headquartered in Bend, OR, are thrilled to announce the launch of the Academy.

Erik Berglund, the visionary Founder and CEO of The Language of Leadership, has emerged as a leading authority in the field of effective leadership practices. As a compliment to the programs that Erik has developed and launched, the Language of Leadership Academy for Restoration and related industries. It is a safe virtual space where leaders can practice, receive coaching, and continue to learn and master the skill of leadership.

The Language of Leadership Academy has public offerings that allow participants with any leadership title from any vertical, but this special RTI academy will allow leaders to customize their language and focus specifically on the challenges of leading in the Restoration, Cleaning and related industries.

Berglund states, "Knowledge is great but skill and using your skill is way better.” Leadership is a skill that can be developed with practice and feedback. Berglund goes on to say, “You can add all the organization, structure, and strategy you want, but if your management team (at any level) cannot hold people accountable in a constructive and positive way, you are going to lose people and profits.”

“This skill is the backbone of highly accountable teams. It is instrumental to our operations, training, change management, and more"; stated, Lisa Lavender, COO, Restoration Technical Institute. “The Language of Leadership Academy fills a gap that is critical in our operations. The Academy element of The Language of Leadership curriculum is in perfect alignment with the Learn – Do – Collect Feedback – Repeat model that we believe in at RTI.”

As people advance in their leadership skills, the collaboration efforts will including increasing the numbers and focus of multiple cohorts. The first Academy launches February 2024 and participants can join at any time. More information on the Academy can be found here:

About Restoration Technical Institute:
Established in 2012, Restoration Technical Institute is an approved IICRC school specializing in top- tier training for professionals in the restoration, cleaning, and allied industries. Offering a diverse array of learning options, including their signature Digital Training Solutions, live classes, and self-paced eLearning, RTI is dedicated to imparting knowledge, fostering passion, and inspiring success for both individuals and enterprises. We champion the application of Standards of Care, process adherence, and best practices, with a mission to instill happiness, pride, and innovation in all we serve.

1145 Commons Blvd., Reading, PA 19605 • 610-926-0223 •

About The Language of Leadership:
The Language of Leadership is a battle tested, tactical framework that is designed to help burned out, exasperated and underperforming leaders take back their time and sanity. Leadership doesn’t have to be this hard. Building a highly accountable team, and leading them with confidence, is possible when you speak The Language of Leadership fluently. We are passionate about transforming the way leaders ‘speak with’ and ‘listen to’ their people - we aim to empower leaders to develop a highly accountable team that’s fully engaged and living up to its potential. Leaders who confidently speak The Language of Leadership work less, earn more, and enjoy their job (and lives) way more!

Improving Performance Through Learning: A Practical Guide to Designing High Performance
Learning Journeys, by Robert O. Brinkerhoff, Anne M. Apking, and Edward W. Boon.

IICRC S760 Standard for Professional Wildfire Investigations and Restoration Available for Public Review


IICRC Standards Available for Public Review

LAS VEGAS – [Jan 19, 2024] – The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has opened public review for the IICRC S760 Standard for Professional
Wildfire Investigations and Restoration of Impacts to Structures, Systems, and Contents as part of the ANSI 45-day public review period. Download the draft Standard and submit your comments online from January 19 to March 04, 2024 here:

All comments must be submitted using the online comment form no later than March 04, 2024.

The IICRC S760 collaborative standard describes practical principles, methods, and processes to investigate, evaluate, and restore the interior and exterior of structures and
improvements, and contents impacted by wildfire smoke emissions. In addition, this standard will also describe the basic principles governing wildfire particle and residue
infiltration, distribution and eventual settlement on surfaces. The goal of this standard is to aid the competent professional, restorer, and other trades and professions involved in
restoration, in defining the scope of a project and preparation of a work plan. This standard also establishes post-restorative methods and processes to evaluate the execution of the scope of work, and verify the cleanliness of structures and contents impacted from wildfire smoke.

For more information on other certification programs and standards offered by the IICRC, visit To purchase a copy of IICRC standards, please visit

About the IICRC
The IICRC is an international, ANSI-accredited standard-development organization (SDO) that certifies individuals in 20+ categories within the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. Representing Certified Technicians and Certified Firms in 22 countries, the IICRC, in partnership with regional and international trade associations, represents the entire industry. The IICRC does not own schools, employ instructors, produce training materials, or promote specific product brands, cleaning methods or systems. For more information, visit
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