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Preferred Carpet Cleaning Agent for Restaurants?

Hi Jeff,


Do you have a preferred carpet cleaning agent for restaurants?

Working on a case, typical degreaser is not good enough.  Thank you for your response, 


It may not be the chemical, but rather the process.  Effective carpet cleaning in any situation involves:

1.     Pre-vacuum, of course.

2.     Soil suspension, including (“CHAT”): 

a.     Chemical Action - Select a CRI Seal of Approval preconditioner. 

b.     Agitation - Mix a CRI Seal of Approval precon with hot water applied in sufficient quantity to wet pile yarns from tip to base;

c.      Agitation Agitate the preconditioner to ensure uniform distribution preferably using rotary or cylindrical brush action;

d.     Time - Provide at least 10 – preferably 20 – minutes of dwell time for the chemical to do its soil suspension work.

3.     Suspended soil removal – preferably using hot water extraction performed by an IICRC-certified technician and multiple strokes.

4.     Grooming to properly set the pile (not necessary on most commercial styles).

5.     Drying using forced-air movement.

On occasions in entry or high-traffic areas where the carpet may be extremely soiled, it may be prudent to reapply and agitate some preconditioner prior to step 3, suspended soil removal.  And carpet that’s been subject to maintenance neglect, might require multiple cleaning over a series of months to “empty the sink” where soil has accumulated over the years, since unremoved soil can wick back during the drying process. 

Bottom line, if the carpet is in reasonable condition, there’s always a way to clean it. 

Jeff Bishop, SCRT Technical Advisor
406 Forsythia Lane
Dothan, AL 36305
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