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Cleaning Woven Wilton


Hope this finds you well and enjoying life.  How would you clean a woven
wilton stair runner in a home.  This is a very expensive Stark carpet which
Stark says should be cleaned with a dry system.  I appreciate your help. 


While "dry" cleaning technically means dry solvent cleaning, that may not be
practical based on local laws in a given jurisdiction.  What Stark probably
means is minimum-moisture cleaning, which includes dry compound or dry foam.

If shrinkage really is a major issue, especially if the Wilton isn't well attached to the stairs in both the length and width directions, my
preference would be dry foam with wet vacuuming after each of two
application, especially on the treads where soiling concentrates.  With a proper and stable installation, however, hot water extraction would be the most thorough cleaning method, if applied by a certified and experienced technician who has a full understanding of potential shrinkage issues with Stark products.

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