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Update HB909 - A Great Victory

Great victory for the restoration industry and every homeowner in the state of Florida

Submitted by Harvey Cohen


                        This year in the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida State Senate, lawmakers came together in an attempt to fix citizens insurance which is a state run insurer of last resort in Florida. They included some amendments in their bills that would have destroyed the homeowner's right to assign their post loss benefits to restoration companies. What that means for restoration companies in Florida is that they would no longer have the protections of an assignment of benefits.

 House Bill 909 and Senate Bill 1770 had horrible language that would've hurt all of the homeowners in the state of Florida and essentially destroy the restoration industry.  Harvey Cohen of Cohen Battisti attorneys at Law met with other attorneys and his clients from different areas throughout the state of Florida. In Tallahassee we went to work lobbying to destroy the bill or the amendment that would take away the homeowners right to assign their benefits. This was truly a grass roots effort on behalf of all of our restoration friends. Many restoration company owners and employees wrote letters, made phone calls, and sent emails to their State representative letting them know that we oppose any law that would take away the homeowners right to assign the post loss benefit. We were a huge success. We were able to have the state representatives strike all language regarding anti-assignments and therefore all anti-assignment language was taken out of their bill.

This had the opposite effect of what the insurance industry had anticipated. Instead of destroying the restoration industry, they have made us all more united and therefore stronger. For example, many Restoration companies have joined forces to start a new association that represents restoration companies in the state of Florida. It doesn't matter if you are an independent restoration company or a big corporate owned company or whether you're on a preferred vendor list or not. If the insurance industry gets to dictate prices it will hurt us all and essentially destroy a great industry.

It is important to support our cause in Florida even if you're not from Florida. Florida, California, New York and a couple of other states are always leading the way for new laws. You can be assured if any bad bill that hurts the industry and helps the insurance industry passes in Florida, it won't be long before it comes to your state.


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