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ICRA Offers Certification

Certification - You Now Have Options
Recently, the industry has been asking for another option for certification. The International Cleaning and Restoration Association (ICRA) is now offering certification based upon written exams (cognitive assessments) in addition to their Performance Assessments as part of a new "Comprehensive Certification Program." A group of industry leaders have been working on this new program since the beginning of the year.
ICRA will recognize (grandfather in) your certifications
If you have any certifications listed on the ICRA Certification Recognition Program webpage, ICRA will accept a copy of your certificate or ID card as a basis for issuing you an equivalent ICRA certification. No need to take another class or exam. Certifications from other certifying bodies, not listed on the website, will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
Certification Recognition Program
  • ICRA will "grandfather" your certifications from other certifying organizations at a flat fee of $40.00 regardless of the number of certifications that you have.  No requirement to attend another course or take another exam.
ICRA Schools and exams
Your Company can become an ICRA Registered Firm!
  • Your company can register as an ICRA Registered Firm for $129. The ICRA Registered Firm program offers many benefits including discounts on programs and membership. The program is recognized by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) as well as other related industry groups.  
  • To apply as an ICRA Registered Firm go to:http://icrassociation.org/certification/registered-firm-application
If you have ANY questions concerning ICRA certification or filling out the online forms, please do not hesitate to call ICRA at (916) 736-1100 x 312. If you prefer, you can email the ICRA at 
We ask for your understanding and patience as we further develop this massive program. There is a lot of work to accomplish.
Much more to come!!!

Barry Costa
2nd Vice President
ICRA Assessment Board Chair
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