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WoolSafe Offers Discount to SCRT Members

How Can SCRT Members Become Affiliated With the International "WoolSafe" Organization?

The WoolSafe® program is actually threefold  . . . and includes chemical testing, technician training and company verification.  Originally established in 1991 by the International Wool Secretariat (the Wool Bureau in North America ) - the WoolSafe® Organization launched an approval program for professional carpet cleaning products and technicians in October of 1998.  There are now more than 160 cleaning products that have been tested and approved for use on wool and other fine fabrics.  Many of them are manufactured by suppliers you already use. 

So the first step in having your company become a 
Service Provider is to learn about wool and its care bytaking the on-line course at http://www.woolsafeacademy.org .  

WoolSafe® Fiber Care Specialist Training Course provides professional cleaners with a convenient and cost effective means for advancing their knowledge of wool-rich carpet, high-value rug and upholstery cleaning.  Students are able to complete the course at their own pace from a home or office computer.  The course is intended to supplement training received in other courses, and it is approved for 2-IICRC CECs in the cleaning, restoration or inspection categories. 
This course is divided into 35 sections or modules and includes subjects such as:  
Wool Characteristics 
Wool Yarn Production 
Wool Cleanability 
Wool Fiber Structure 
Limitations of Wool   
Chemical and Abrasive Damage 
Wool and Pets

Insect damage 
Specialty Spotting 
Wool Cleaning-Related Challenges and Solutions 
WoolSafe® Approved Cleaning Products 
WoolSafe® Program

Each of the 35 modules is followed by self-evaluation multiple-choice questions, which are based on the information presented in the current module.  Students simply read each question and select the correct answer from the options provided.  The question is graded electronically for immediate feedback.  Once the course is successfully completed, students receive a completion certificate to send to the IICRC for two CECs.  The graduate student will also receive a certificate of completion from WoolSafe®.

The course is available atwww.woolsafeacademy.org.   Go there to create a user profile on the left side of the page, then go back to the front page, then 1/2 way down the page click on "Buy Now" and then check out through PayPal with your credit card.  SCRT members receives 20% off the course fee by using the code "SCRT."  

Then, once at least one person in a company has passed the course, the company may apply to become a WoolSafe® Service Provider. The annual fee is $125.00 per year and the company and name of WoolSafe® trained technician(s) will be listed on both the WoolSafe®  and Wools of New Zealand websites, the new i-Phone app and referenced on the Housekeeping Channel website.  We also provide a link to your company’s website if you have one. 
The WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider program is open to the following:
·         Carpet and rug cleaning companies - Independent cleaning companies, which obtain their cleaning equipment and/or supplies from one or more sources. 
·         Carpet and rug cleaning franchisees - Companies using one particular cleaning/maintenance system, which may be a franchised or a licensed system. 
·         In-house carpet and rug cleaners - In-house carpet maintenance divisions responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of carpet and rugs in the building(s) their company occupies.
To qualify for WoolSafe® Service Provider approval, companies must:

*offer professional cleaning services on a full-time basis; 
*have employees who have received appropriate technical and practical training in cleaning,

*have proper business licensing, liability insurance, consumer complaint follow-up policy, subscribe to a Code of Ethics,
*be members of a trade or professional association or organization (like ICRA), including franchises, which is recognized by The WoolSafe® Organization,
*encourage all employees to attend a WoolSafe®-Training Course, taught by a WoolSafe®-Approved Trainer either in-person or on-line, and pass the course exam, 

*use WoolSafe®-approved products when cleaning or maintaining wool or wool-rich carpet, rugs or upholstery.

The company will receive a certificate to display in their office and authority to use the WoolSafe® logo in advertising.  Their company information will be listed on the WoolSafe website (www.woolsafe.org) as well as the Wools of New Zealand (www.woolsnz.com) websites.  Becoming a WoolSafe Service Provider will give the company additional recognition and credibility with clients, retailers and designers.

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