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Changes to the IICRC Continuing Education Requirements

The IICRC Board of Directors passed two resolutions that modify and streamline the IICRC Continuing Education Program. The result of the board action is to simplify the CEC program, making all Technician-level certifications fall under the same rules. Formerly, the AMRT designation had separate CEC requirements that were different from all other certifications. As a result of this recent board action, AMRT CEC requirements are now the same as every other certification category (2 CECs every 4 years). Furthermore, there is no longer a specific Mold Refresher CEC category. Any CEC event approved for cleaning/restoration credit can be applied to AMRT as it is with other cleaning/restoration categories.

There has been no change in the CEC requirement for Master level Technicians or Inspectors.

So to summarize; For all cleaning and restoration technician level certification categories, technicians are required to earn 2 continuing education credits (CECs) every 4 years (regardless of if they have one or several certifications up to master level). Master level designations and Inspector designations still require 2 CECs every 2 years.

A complete list of approved CEC events can be accessed at . Distance learning CEC opportunities are also available and can be located at . It is still required that in order to receive credit for attending a CEC event or completing a distance learning training, the registrant must submit proof of attendance/completion to IICRC in advance of the specified time limit. This can be done via an approved event sign in roster, a signed CEC event form (available at ), a certificate of completion, etc. that is forwarded to IICRC for recording.

If you have any questions about these changes to the CEC program, call or e-mail IICRC headquarters at 360-693-5675 or

SCRT launches new Regional Chapter in Cincinnati, OH

The Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians launches a new Regional Chapter in Cincinnati, OH. The new chapter will be headed up by interim Chapter President Ford Halter of Midwest Cleaning Tech.



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